Parents of 0-5 Yrs

Overview of Services

All services are offered at no cost, unless noted otherwise. Services are NOT restricted to income, demographics, employment, etc.  We simply ask you are a main caregiver (Mother, Father, Bio/Adoptive/Foster Parent, Support Person, Family Member) of a child 0-5 years.


How to Receive Services through MomChildPDX:

Become a Client!  Attend a class or come see us during regular hours so we can see how to best connect. Mother & Child's focus is to support parents during early infancy (0-5 years), and we ask all who receive services be parenting during those stages.

First Time Visiting MCEC: 

Haven't been in before? Drop in during our regular operating hours (**Mon-Thurs 10am-5pm, **Fri-Sat 10am-3pm, Sun Closed), and allow yourself 30 minutes for us to hear how we can best get you connected. Please arrive no later than 30 minutes til closing on the 1st, 4th, or 5th week of the month, to avoid weeks of our **Client Care Days. Client Care Days occur each 2nd Saturday of the month, and the following Wednesday.  Parents may attend Client Care Day for their initial visit, if they prefer; however we encourage parents to come in and get to know our staff and volunteers prior to attending a Client Care Day [More Detail on Client Care Day below].


Prenatal Services:


Maternity Clothing:

Clothes getting a little too snug? Perfectly normal! Women who are pregnant may come in to try on and receive supplementary maternity items once a month during regular hours or at a Client Care Day [Client Care Day details below].


Baby Supplies:

If you haven't been to Mother & Child and are not planning to attend a class, come in for an intitial visit during regular hours so we can connect.  Please allow 30 minutes so we can get basic info and hear how we can support you.  After your initial visit we encourage all in need of baby supplies to attend Client Care Day, where you can receive monthly supplementary support! Parents may attend once a month, each month, as long as you are in need of support.


Childbirth & Caring for Baby Classes:

Get the tips and knowledge you need to prepare for your child - sign up online for one of our no-cost classes or come in and borrow a book from our library.  We encourage any and all who will be caring for the child to sign-up and attend class. [Class Sign-Ups below]

Breastfeeding Prep:

Get empowered to breastfeed!  Attend one of our Breastfeeding Workshops prior to baby arriving to learn how tos, troubleshooting tips, and receive a few supplies. Once baby has arrived and you've breastfed for 2+ weeks [milk will have fully come in] we encourage you to come in and try on our nursing bras so you can take a couple home.


Proof of Pregnancy:

Not sure if you're pregnant? Need Proof of Pregnancy paperwork to receive services for you and your child elsewhere? Give us a call or come in during Regular Hours to receive a pregnancy test. Valid ID is Required to Receive Proof of Pregnancy paperwork. MCEC is a State-Certified Provider. Please AVOID the second Saturday and the Wednesday that follows each month, as we do not provide Pregnancy Tests during our Client Care Days.


Prenatal Vitamins:

Pregnant but can't afford prenatal vitamins? Come see us!  Prenatal Vitamins are important in helping mom and baby keep healthy during pregnancy. As always, please consult your Healthcare Provider before taking any new vitamin, especially if taking additional supplements or medication.



Postnatal Services [+ More for Prenatal Parents]: 


Parenting Support Line:

503-249-5801 or Espanol 503-913-9360 *If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency please call 911.


Classes, Connections, & Parent Enrichment:

Staff and volunteers assist mothers, fathers, and all who are parenting from pregnancy through toddler stage in meeting the needs of their children while offering encouragement during the challenges and joys of parenting. Come browse our lending library with books on parenting, breastfeeding, child development, hot topics, and transitions & the heart.If you are a parent experiencing transitional housing, DV, postpartum, or more, we would especially love to connect with you and share our knowledge and access to local resources and organizations that specialize in these areas - please ask!Interested in classes? Click the button below to view our current list of classes and workshops:


Counseling & Wellness Coaching [OPENINGS Available]:

Learn strategies for dealing with worry and stress, find hope, improve your relationships, start recovery, receive support and improve your quality of life. Lynne Nanson, MC is available - by appointment - Monday and Friday at 10:30am, 11:30am, or 12:30pm. Contact Lynne directly 503.983.1134 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Summer Castle is available - by appointment - Monday 4pm-8pm and Fridays 12pm-2pm.  Read Summer Castle's Bio.

Breastfeeding Supplies:

Come visit our Nursing Room 2 weeks after you've been breastfeeding & pick out 2 nursing bras. Moms who have been breastfeeding 2+ weeks may drop-in anytime during regular hours (please avoid Client Care Days: 2nd Sat of each month & the Wed following) and choose 2 nursing bras to take home. If you are pregnant and planning to nurse, give us a call and let us see how we can help, as other supplies are available & a breastfeeding class is offered monthly.  Please nurse for 2 weeks prior to coming in to receive a nursing bra(s), as it takes 2 weeks for milk to fully come in, which may affect bra size. Not producing enough milk?  Ask about our milk tea, attend Client Care Day to receive supplementary formula, or give us a call.


Supplementary Supplies: Infant-Toddler & Nursing:

Supplies provided through Mother & Child are gently loved, donated by individuals and businesses, and shared in supplementary supply

Secondary Visits / Monthly Support [for Details on your First Visit, see Top of Page]:

Once a parent has come in for their initial visit to Mother & Child, we encourage parents to attend a Client Care Day for supplementary support (yes, you can attend each month!). Mother & Child gives the option of two Client Care Days each month, and asks you choose the Client Care Day that works best for you. Those in need of supplies are encouraged to register online for a timeslot which opens the 1st of each month at 10am).  Pregnant?  Come each month to prepare for baby, and shop for maternity clothing for yourself! Mother & Child works to see all families who attend receive supplementary items, for each of child as needed: 1 bundle of size Preemie-5T clothing and 1 bundle of size NB-6 Diapers.  Additionally, parents are able to shop & choose hats, socks, blankets, seasonal items (winter coats, swimwear, etc), baby food, formula, and larger items as available. Our Maternity Boutique is also open during Client Care Days for women who are pregnant. Women may choose up to 7 items from this room each month, during Client Care Day or our regular hours. Click Here and choose our "Client" e-mail list to receive Client Care Day reminders each month!

"Second Saturday" Client Care Day

This Client Care Day is held the Second Saturday of each month from 9:45AM-11:45am. Those in need of supplies are encouraged to register for a timeslot online (online registration opens the 1st of each month at 10am and closes at 10am two days prior to event). Dress in layers - ONLY 1 PARENT may go through the center to shop as his/her name is called. We invite the entire family to join on this day as our back parking lot is reserved entirely for this event with refreshments, a "kids corner", and educational piece geared towards the family.  If you do not have a spouse, support person, friend, or older child to watch your children outside as you shop, they may stay with one of our assigned volunteers in the "Kids Corner" - our "safe zone" and play area for kids.  If this is not something you are comfortable with please plan for children to stay home.  Only 1 parent may shop, no children or support persons, unless child is under 1 year and held (no strollers!).   If you plan to arrive early, please make sure to use the bathroom ahead of arriving.  We have one restroom for use during this event, and do not open our doors until 9:45am.

"Wednesday Following" Client Care Day:

This Client Care Day is held the Wednesday after (or "following") the second Saturday of the month, from 1pm-4pm. Those in need of supplies are encouraged to register for a timeslot online (online registration opens the 1st of each month at 10am and closes at 10am two days prior to event). Dress in layers - ONLY 1 PARENT may go through the center to shop as his/her name is called.The Wednesday following is our smaller scale/follow-up Client Care Day without the refreshments, kid's corner, or extra educational piece. This event is especially for parents who work on Saturday, struggle with social anxiety, or were unable to attend our Client Care Day on the second Saturday for other reasons. Due to limited space, we also ask ONLY ONE PARENT go through the center to shop on this day.   If you plan to arrive early, please make sure to use the bathroom ahead of arriving.  We have one restroom for use during this event, and do not open our doors for this event until 1pm.


Emergency or Pre-Approved Situations

If you have an emergency need for yourself and/or baby please do not hesitate in contacting our staff. It is best to phone ahead to be certain we have what you need, if you are able able.  Mother & Child also realizes unforseen cirsumstances & life occur; and many families face unique situations and challenges. If you feel you have a unique need or ongoing situation, please make an appointment to meet with one of our staff members (outside of Client Care Day) to have this considered for approval.


Pass It On Policy

As Mother & Child offers supplies at no cost, we ask clients receiving items through Mother & Child be for their own intended and needed use, and as items exceed his/her family's need, each item be passed on to another individual or organization at no cost. Mother & Child is not an exchange or bartering service, though gladly accepts items from clients living in smoke-free homes which are still in good condition, in order to share with more families. Families who receive and seek to sell items from Mother & Child shall have services terminated and may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


Referring Agency or Advocate

No appointment or paperwork necessary!  If coming in with a mom or dad for their first visit, please see '1st Time/Initial Visit' above.  Agencies and advocates are welcome to come in with parents and/or refer them to come in on their own.