Prenatal Services

Who We Help

Mother & Child's mission is to support parents during their pregnancy and childrens' early infancy years (approximately 0-5 years). We simply ask that you are a main caregiver: Mother, Father, Foster Parent, Support Person, or Family Member during 0-5 years. All services are offered at no cost, unless otherwise noted. We do NOT restrict services based on income level, demographic, employment, county where you live, etc.

Referring Agencies or Advocates: If coming with a mom or dad for their first visit, please see '1st Time/Initial Visit' below.  Agencies or advocates are welcome to come in with parents and/or refer parents to come in on their own. 


First Visit/Initial Intake

Due to COVID-19, we ask first-time and returning clients to call and make an appointment before coming to Mother and Child Education Center. We cannot allow clients to come inside the building at this time and are serving clients from the front porch. 

First time clients will be asked to provide information such as name, date of birth, phone number, home language, ethnicity, and first names and birthdates of their children. All information remains confidential and is used only to allow us to better serve our clients. 

Appointments are flexible and can often be made same day during business hours Monday-Friday. Please allow at least 30 minutes between calling and planning to come in. Front porch appointments take an average of 5-15 minutes, and should not exceed 20 minutes. Call (503)-249-5801 to schedule. 


Pregnancy Testing + Prenatal Vitamins

Not sure if you're pregnant? Need Proof of Pregnancy paperwork to receive services for you and your child elsewhere? Schedule at appointment at least 4 weeks after your last menstrual cycle (pregnancy tests will not show positive until 4 weeks after your last missed period) to receive a pregnancy test. Valid ID is Required to Receive Proof of Pregnancy paperwork, as MCEC is a State-Certified Provider. Prenatal Vitamins are important in helping keep mom and baby healthy during pregnancy, and in 2019, MCEC became the recipient of a Vitamin Angel Micronutrient Grant making it possible for us to provide pre-natal vitamins to every expectant mother who walks in our doors. Please consult your Healthcare Provider before taking any new vitamin, especially if taking additional supplements or medication. 


Maternity Clothing

Women who are pregnant may schedule an appointment to receive maternity clothing, receiving up to 7 items each month during business hours [see supplies dropdown].


Childbirth & Caring for Baby [Education]

Get the tips and knowledge you need to prepare for your child - sign up online for one of our no-cost classes or borrow books from our library. We encourage anyone who will be caring for the child to sign-up and attend class. [see classes dropdown]


Counseling + Wellness Coaching

Due to COVID, we are unable to provide counseling at this time. If you have a life threatening emergency please call 911. If you or someone you know is having a mental health emergency, please call the Multnomah County Mental Health Crisis Line at 503.988.4888. We hope to be able to begin offering these services again in the near future.


Baby Items

Due to limited supply, we are able to begin providing supplies for baby once parents are in their 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Parents may recieve supplies once per month. We are often able to supply parents with various supplies, so please feel free to ask about any items that you are in need of. We will do our best to meet your request if we have those supplies. We are typically able to give diapers and clothes for each child up to size 5 or 6 T. All supplies are donated to Mother & Child in size Preemie to 5T clothing/accessories and Preemie to Size 6 Diapers (some pull-ups); and are gently loved (except the diapers and wipes!).We also have cloth diapers available. Mother & Child works hard to make sure items are available to all in need, in your child’s current size, but cannot be guaranteed. [see supplies dropdown]


Emergency or Pre-Approved Situations:

If you have an emergency need for baby, please do not hesitate to contact our staff. It is best to phone ahead to be certain we have what you need. Mother & Child realizes unforeseen circumstances & life occur; and many families face unique situations and challenges. If you feel you have a unique need or ongoing situation, please make an appointment to meet with one of our staff members to have this need considered for approval. 


Pass It On Policy

Mother & Child offers supplies at no cost and asks once families no longer need an item, that it is passed on to another family or other organizations at no cost. Mother & Child is not an exchange or bartering service or a clothing closet.Families who receive items and seek to sell items from Mother & Child shall have services terminated and may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.