Supplies: Register to Shop

How to Register for Client Care Day:

  • Scroll down to find the date of the Client Care Day you want to register for (remember, families can register for ONE timeslot each month).
  • If Registration is not open, please remember: Timeslots open at 10am the FIRST day of event month and close 2 days before the event date at 10am.  Timeslots are reserved first come, first serve online, with each timeslot limited to 4 families (2 families per slot at Wednesday Following). If a timeslot says full, scroll down to check availability in other timeslots. Choose the ONE timeslot that works for getting supplies for your family, at ONE Client Care Day each month.  IMPORTANT: The parent who is registered online MUST be the parent to check-in at Mother & Child on the day of the event, 15 minutes prior to the registered timeslot, to secure his/her shop time. One parent will be invited inside to shop.  Parents attending Wednesday Following MUST find childcare or bring your support person to watch your children outside while you shop.  MCEC does NOT have resources to provide care for kids at Wednesday Following.


Mother & Child's next Client Care Days (new links will be posted by 10am on the 1st of each month, when registration opens for that month's events):

Second Saturday:

Wednesday Following:


Client Care Day FAQs

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

No ID or Proof of Age or Income Required. MCEC does however ask those shopping are those parenting between pregnancy and early infancy (0 - 5 or 6 Years).

What are my transportation/parking options?

MCEC is conveniently located across from the Hollywood Transit Center, on the corner of NE Halsey & NE 41st Ave.  1-2 Hour Street Parking is available for those driving. Our driveway and back lot is closed for this event (used as event space for attending parents/families).

Do I have to bring a printed ticket to the event?

No, just bring yourself and a smile...and maybe an umbrella if it's raining!  Though we have tents, individuals do wait outside until his/her name is called to shop, so please dress yourself AND your children for the weather. No early entry.  Please also remember, 1 Parent is invited to Shop.  All support persons, significant others, and children should wait outside.  If you plan to bring your children, please bring a support person to wait outside with them if you are not comfortable with them staying with a Mother & Child volunteer outside.

Do I need to bring a bag?

We encourage you to bring a reuseable bag if you have one (or a backpack)! We will fill a paper grocery sack with a bundle of clothing and diapers, but please ask the volunteer assisting you during shopping, if you would like to transfer your items from the paper bag(s) to your reuseable one or backpack. We especially recommend this option to those taking public transit.  Occassionally, Mother & Child also offers takehome food for families and reuseable bags are especially helpful, with these heavier items.

Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends?


I need a pregnancy test.  May I have this service on Client Care Day?

No. Mother & Child does not offer pregnancy testing on Client Care Days.  Please come in during our regular operating hours (not a Client Care Day) to ask for a pregnancy test.

I have never been to Mother & Child.  Can I attend Client Care Day?

Yes, if you are pregnant or parenting during early infancy (0 - 5 or 6 years)!  However, we encourage parents who have NOT been to Mother & Child before to come in on the 1st, 4th, or 5th week of the month to get to know our staff and volunteers a month prior to attending your first Client Care Day. Our regular operating hours are Mon-Thurs 10am-5pm, Fri-Sat 10am-*3pm, Sun Closed.  Come and allow yourself 30 minutes to sit and have some tea, while we hear how to best connect. Please arrive no later than 30 minutes before closing. These are also the weeks we ask you come in for pregnancy testing.  Pregnancy tests are not conducted on Client Care Day.

I Only Need Maternity Clothing or Nursing Supplies:

Come visit our Maternity Room during regular operating hours and pick out some clothing to keep you more comfortable during pregnancy.  Women who are pregnant may visit our maternity room once a month either during regularly operating hours or during a Client Care Day.

Nursing or planning to nurse?! Let us give you the "support" you need!  Moms who have been nursing 2+ weeks may drop-in anytime during regular hours (please avoid Client Care Days each 2nd Sat of the month & the Wed that follows, for Nursing Tops or Bras) and choose a couple of bras to take home. If you are pregnant and planning to nurse, give us a call and let us see how we can help, as other supplies are available & a breastfeeding workshop is offered monthly.  Mother & Child asks moms please nurse for 2 weeks prior to receiving a nursing bra(s), as it takes 2 weeks for milk to fully come in, which may affect bra size.  Don't think you're producing enough milk?  Ask about milk inducing tea, attend a Client Care Day to receive supplementary formula, or give us a call.

Client Care Day Overview:

Each month Mother & Child hosts two Client Care Days.  Those in need of supplies are encouraged to register for a timeslot (online registration opens the 1st of each month at 10am) to come and shop for the items they need at one Client Care Day each month. Supplies provided through Mother & Child are gently loved, donated by individuals and businesses, and shared in supplementary supply.  Mother & Child seeks to provide all families who are pregnant or parenting during early infancy (0-5 Years) with 1 bundle of Preemie-5T/6T clothing per child and 1 bundle of size NB-6 Diapers, Pull-Ups, or Cloth Diapers per child (as requested, and as available) at these events. Additionally, parents may shop for items: hats, socks, blankets, onesies, seasonal items (winter coats, swimwear, etc), baby food, formula, and larger items as available. Our Maternity Boutique is also open during Client Care Days for women who are pregnant. Women may choose up to 7 items from this room each month, during Client Care Day or our regular hours. Click Here and choose our "Client" e-mail list to receive Client Care Day reminders each month!

"Second Saturday" Client Care Day

This Client Care Day is held the Second Saturday of each month from 9:45AM-11:45am. Those in need of supplies are encouraged to register for a timeslot for this day on the 1st of the month at 10am, when registration opens online (registration closes at 10am, 2 days before event).  Dress in layers and bring your patience as wait times vary with limited space inside. ONLY 1 PARENT may go through the center to shop (as his/her name is called) but we do invite the entire family to join on this day.  Our back parking lot is reserved entirely for this event with refreshments, a "kids corner", and educational piece geared towards the family.  If you do not have a spouse, support person, friend, or older child to watch children as you shop, they may stay with one of our assigned volunteers in the "Kids Corner" - our "safe zone" and play area for kids.  If this is not something you are comfortable with please plan for children to stay home.  Only 1 parent may shop, no children or support persons, unless child is under 1 year & breastfeeding, with mom, and held (no strollers!).

"Wednesday Following" Client Care Day

This Client Care Day is held the Wednesday after (or "following") the second Saturday of the month, from 1pm-4pm. Those in need of supplies are encouraged to register for a timeslot for this day on the 1st of the month at 10am, when registration opens online (registration closes at 10am, 2 days before event). The Wednesday following is our smaller scale/follow-up Client Care Day without the refreshments, kid's corner, or extra educational piece. This event is especially for parents who work on Saturday, struggle with social anxiety, or were unable to attend our Client Care Day on the second Saturday for other reasons.  Due to limited space, we also ask ONLY ONE PARENT go through the center to shop on this day.