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Volunteer Board Member Openings

Organizational Profile

The Mother & Child Education Center, a non-profit organization located in Northeast Portland, has been serving families from throughout the Greater Portland community since 1971, primarily families who are low-income or experiencing a family crisis (such as divorce, teenage pregnancy, or unemployment). Our center is open six days per week for quiet conversation, in addition to our 24/7 pregnancy & parenting crisis line available in three languages: English, Spanish & Russian. We offer our services at no charge.

We offer classes and workshops taught by volunteers such as prenatal health, labor & delivery, newborn care, parenting, nutrition, and budgeting. An on-sight certified counselor is also available for individual counseling sessions. We also provide emergency clothing, diapers, food/formula, and other supplies to more than 100 families each month. Our gentle care of mothers is highly respected in the local community, including two colleges that work with Mother & Child as a maternal/child care training site for their student nurses.

Our vision is to create a world where children are welcomed and nurtured in the womb, in the home, in the community, and beyond. We embrace this vision through our mission which is to build a community of competent, confident mothers. We are a direct-service agency that partners with many others including Insight Teen Programs, Multnomah County Health Services, Sunshine Division, and churches throughout the area. Our Core Values include supporting human life, motherhood, family, community, education, and service.

Board Service

All Board members serve for one year, with an option of renewing up to three years. The Board, which is comprised of 6-10 members, meets on a monthly basis. The current board chair is Patrick Duffy. Beginning in Fall 2014, the Board of Directors is exploring adding two Ad Hoc Committees: 1) Community Outreach/Special Events; and 2) Health and Education Programs. These committees will be chaired by Board Members, but will be comprised of volunteers who are interested in becoming more involved, but not at the board level yet.

Our Board of Directors is committed to: determining mission & purpose; supporting & evaluating the Executive Director; ensuring effective planning; monitoring & strengthening programs & services; ensuring adequate resources; protecting assets & providing proper financial oversight; building a competent board; ensuring legal and ethical integrity; and enhancing Mother & Child’s public standing.

Current Board Member Need (based on anticipated vacancies in Winter/Spring 2015): Two (2) Members at Large. Also needed: volunteers for the Community Outreach/Special Events Committee and for the Health/Education Committee.

Contact for More Information:

Maura White, Executive Director, Mother and Child Education Center, 1515 NE 41st, Portland, OR 97232. Phone: 503-249-5801. Email: mauraw@momchildpdx.org.



1515 NE 41st Ave Portland, OR 97232English (503) 249-5801 • Espanol (503) 913-9360

Mother and Child Education Center is located in the heart of Northeast Portland in the Hollywood District

Mother & Child Education Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Donations are tax-deductible.